SMS Partners

Through our incredible SMS partnerships we provide you with a FAA Part 5 / ICAO compliant SMS Manual and safety training modules all incorporated with our fully loaded safety management software.

FAA Part 5 / ICAO Custom SMS Manual

Discover how the customizable SMS manual created by Aviation Safety Solutions incorporated with Preflight Mitigator can expedite your FAA SMS Part 5 approval process. Aviation Safety Solutions is your trusted partner in aviation safety management and has a proven track record guiding operators through the FAA Part 5 SMS Voluntary Program. Start your journey with Aviation Safety Solutions and Preflight Mitigator today.

SMS Manual Development Training Modules

If your company desires training in the creation of your company's SMS, Advanced Aircrew Academy offers a comprehensive distance learning platform that brings the experience of professional aviation trainers to your personnel anywhere anytime. The SMS eLearning module is designed as an introduction to, and overview of, the SMS concept and how an SMS can enhance safety in a flight operation. The module is organized around the four core elements of the SMS: Policy, Risk Management, Assurance, and Promotion. This training is appropriate for all flight operations personnel, not just aircrews and the SMS module can be customized to your organization and SMS.

Custom SMS Manual/FOM Creation

Wilding Air will create a custom FOM, SMS, or a combined FOM with an integrated SMS. When you partner with Preflight Mitigator for your risk assessment tool and Wilding Air for the creation of your SMS, your risk assessment will be created for your organization at no additional charge. This ensures an accurate and comprehensive measurement of your risk factors that incorporates your required flight operations manual alerts.