Empower Your Safety Management System

Strengthen your safety culture and effectively administer your safety management system. Our innovative solutions integrate all four elements of the SMS—Policy, Risk Management, Assurance, and Promotion—designed to streamline processes and enhance standards across your company.

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Safety Management Modules

Safety Risk Management

Elevate your safety standards with our Safety Risk Management module, enabling pilots to swiftly evaluate, mitigate, and report risks with ease. Beyond streamlining submissions, it offers insights into risk trends, supports requiring risk approvals, and can trigger conditional safety alerts, making it a comprehensive tool for enhancing flight safety and operational decision-making.

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Safety Risk Management

Safety Hazard Reporting

Our Safety Hazard Reporting module fosters a strong safety culture with easy-to-use forms for comprehensive hazard documentation. Anonymous submission capabilities and QR Code Quick Form Links encourage prompt and efficient reporting, ensuring every potential risk is addressed, enhancing the safety and security of your operations.

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Safety Hazard Reporting

Safety Assurance

Guarantee continuous safety improvement with our Safety Assurance module through detailed investigations or audits, tracking, and resolution management. Unlimited customizable safety forms and cross-organizational communication features provide a solid foundation for administering a proactive safety management system, ensuring high standards of compliance and operational excellence.

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Safety Assurance

Safety Promotion

Promote a proactive safety culture with our Safety Promotion module, designed to engage your team through targeted safety notifications and promotions. By monitoring policy acceptance and ensuring widespread awareness, this module supports adherence to safety practices, contributing to a robust safety culture within your organization.

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Safety Promotion

Safety Policy

Enhance aviation safety with our Safety Policy module, featuring integrated data management and dynamic reporting. Link assessments to hazard reports for deeper insights and collaborative problem-solving with connected incidents and actions. Enjoy tailored alerts, seamless communication, and safety promotions, boosting your operational efficiency and awareness.

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Safety Policy

Trusted by Great Companies

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  • "Not only does Preflight Mitigator allow us to recognize an accumulation of risks, but the data informs conversations with company principles, allowing everyone the ability to contribute to mitigating risk factors on a particular flight or routine mission!"
    Sean L., Safety pilot, Falcon 2000 KSDL
  • "Preflight Mitigator helps us assess the instructor as well as the student's risk level prior to dispatching their flight. The use of this FRAT allows individuals to create mitigation techniques that they can use in the future and aid with making a go — no-go decision."
    James D., Rocky Mountain College
  • "I love Preflight Mitigator. Customizing the assessment is very simple. I love the UI and especially how the results rack and stack the risks—really breaks it down easily. This is extremely usable from both a pilot and a management standpoint."
    Cathy S., Speed Jets, LLC
  • "I chose Preflight Mitigator for its simplicity and ability to be fully customizable. We are using it on a daily basis across the all fleet since more than 5 years and it has been easily accepted by all pilots. It is a great tool to enhance the pilot’s situational awareness and to provide a strong basis for the improvement of Safety in our operations. The Preflight Mitigator team is always very responsive and receptive to all proposals for improvement, and over the years they developed a tool that is today an important part of our SMS."
    Nicolas B., Deputy Safety Manager, Swiss Flight Services SA
  • "Kudos to PFM. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, and we use the information to make real-time operational decisions. Afterward, the reporting helps us to monitor the safety of our operations."
    Joe S., Chief Pilot, Scottsdale Hangar One
  • "Preflight Mitigator is a key tool for our department. Besides being really user-friendly for assessments, I love all the information it provides for tracking; I can easily see trends in risks over time. They are also constantly looking for ways to improve the tool for us!"
    Chadd K., Auburn University Air Transportation