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Aviation's Most Efficient Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Preflight Mitigator is an intuitive FRAT software application that provides pilots an easy, affordable, and effective way to measure and mitigate flight risk.

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A Simple Three Step Process

Step 1. Create
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Enter the departure, destination, time, aircraft, and pilots responsible.

Step 2. Assess
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Report pilot qualifications, operating environment, and equipment details.

Step 3. Mitigate
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Discern what risk items must be mitigated to guarantee flight safety.

Any flight department operating within the guidelines and best practices defined by the FAA must utilize a flight risk assessment tool either in their operations manual or within their safety management system.

The Risk Assessment

The application's default flight risk assessment is built from the IS-BAO assessment & approved by the FAA. It measures your risk in three main categories: Pilot Qualifications, Operating Environment, and Flight Equipment.

New Feature!
Customize the Assessment

Our default FRAT assessment can be easily customized to work specifically for your organization. Edit or add new questions and set the score value for each!

Flight Risk Assessments Flight Risk Assessments Flight Risk Assessments
Set Custom Thresholds

Three Tiered Tolerance

The application's rating system is categorized by a three tiered threshold:
Green, Amber, and Red.

New Feature!
Customize Risk Tolerance

The default risk tolerance thresholds can be easily customized to your preferences. Determine what scores qualify for each risk level!

Mitigating Flight Risk

Immediately after a risk assessment is completed, a score is calculated and displays which items might require mitigation. The pilot is able to add notes before submitting the FRAT.

New Feature!
Analyze Crew Performance

Each flight assessment is saved and stored in order to provide an easy way to analyze your crew's performance. Filter by pilot and/or aircraft, and set any timeframe to gain insight into recurring trends.

Mitigating Risk
Email Notification

Email Notifications

Once the crew members submit the assessment, they instantly receive an email report of the flight’s risk items along with any possible mitigation notes.

New Feature
Customize Notification Settings

Now decide who in your organization (or outside your organization) should receive these email notifications concerning flight risk and what threshold should trigger notifications to be sent.

Access From Anywhere

We’ve built the product as a responsive web-application which means your account, assessments, and risk mitigations are all accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Responsive Display

Preflight Pricing


Ideal for the pilot who owns or rents for their business ​or personal use.


Ideal for a business that employs a crew and owns more than one aircraft.


Ideal for management, charter or flight training organizations.


Ideal for large organizations with multiple aircraft and teams of pilots.

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