Improve flight safety.
Gain insights on trends.

Simplify risk identification, mitigation, and reporting with aviation’s most efficient flight risk management software. Complete with customizable forms, situational alerts, approvals, risk trend statistics, and detailed reporting.

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Meet Preflight Mitigator

An intuitive and customizable flight risk management application that tracks risk trends to equip pilots and safety officers with insights that will effectively improve flight safety.

Meet Preflight Mitigator

Any flight department operating within the guidelines and best practices defined by the FAA must utilize a flight risk assessment tool either in their operations manual or within their safety management system.

Customize unlimited forms

The application's default risk assessment is based on the IS-BAO assessment and approved by the FAA. It measures risk in three main categories: Pilot, Environment, and Equipment.

The ability to create multiple assessments for various departments or environments, coupled with the ability to customize each question and its weighted risk value, gives you the power to measure exactly what matters for your type of operation.

Customize the Assessment

Adjust risk tolerance

The application's rating system is categorized by a three-tiered threshold: Mild, Moderate, and Severe. The tolerance can easily be set to your preferences, which allows you to determine what scores qualify for each risk level.

Adjust Risk Tolerance

Incorporate your FOM and SMS

Your SMS should be a living document - "a way of life". It should be ingrained into your departments safety culture.

Keep critical safety rules and procedures top-of-mind for pilots by adding custom warnings from your operations and safety manuals to specific risk factors in the assessment.

Custom Safety Prompts

Conditional Risk Scenarios

Create risk scenarios that result in special awareness alerts for the PIC and SIC on a flight.

By pairing various risk factors together in the scenario builder, you can trigger a specific procedure alert when an assessment is completed containing the specified risk items.

Conditional Risk Scenarios

Mitigate risk in real-time

Once the assessment is completed, the pilot is presented with risk factors for awareness and mitigation. Marking various factors as mitigated allows a pilot and safety manager to track how risk was proactively reduced.

Reports even track the difference between the original score versus the mitigated score.

Mitigate Risk

Require risk approvals

Enforce company safety policies by setting thresholds that require a pilot gain approval before being released.

If the assessments risk score exceeds the limit, specified admins on your account will receive notifications to review and approve or deny the trip.

Risk Approvals

Receive risk reports

Once the pilot submits the assessment, the crew instantly receives an email of the flight’s risk report. The report identifies active versus mitigated risk, and includes all the pilots mitigation notes.

Determine who in your organization (or outside your organization) should receive these emailed reports, and what risk threshold should trigger emails be sent.

Receive Risk Reports

Add Preflight Mitigator to your flight scheduling software

Make assessing flight risk a natural step in your workflow by integrating the Preflight Mitigator application to the tools you use every day.

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  • "Not only does Preflight Mitigator allow us to recognize an accumulation of risks, but the data informs conversations with company principles, allowing everyone the ability to contribute to mitigating risk factors on a particular flight or routine mission!"
    Sean L., Safety pilot, Falcon 2000 KSDL
  • "Preflight Mitigator helps us assess the instructor as well as the student's risk level prior to dispatching their flight. The use of this FRAT allows individuals to create mitigation techniques that they can use in the future and aid with making a go — no-go decision."
    James D., Rocky Mountain College
  • "I love Preflight Mitigator. Customizing the assessment is very simple. I love the UI and especially how the results rack and stack the risks—really breaks it down easily. This is extremely usable from both a pilot and a management standpoint."
    Cathy S., Speed Jets, LLC
  • "I chose Preflight Mitigator for its simplicity and ability to be fully customizable. We are using it on a daily basis across the all fleet since more than 5 years and it has been easily accepted by all pilots. It is a great tool to enhance the pilot’s situational awareness and to provide a strong basis for the improvement of Safety in our operations. The Preflight Mitigator team is always very responsive and receptive to all proposals for improvement, and over the years they developed a tool that is today an important part of our SMS."
    Nicolas B., Deputy Safety Manager, Swiss Flight Services SA
  • "Kudos to PFM. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, and we use the information to make real-time operational decisions. Afterward, the reporting helps us to monitor the safety of our operations."
    Joe S., Chief Pilot, Scottsdale Hangar One
  • "Preflight Mitigator is a key tool for our department. Besides being really user-friendly for assessments, I love all the information it provides for tracking; I can easily see trends in risks over time. They are also constantly looking for ways to improve the tool for us!"
    Chadd K., Auburn University Air Transportation