FOM & SMS Support

Your Flight Operations Manual and Safety Management System should be ingrained into your departments safety culture; Preflight Mitigator is the way to accomplish it!

Risk Threshold Policy Alerts

Keep critical safety rules and procedures top-of-mind for pilots by adding required procedures for each risk threshold (Green, Amber, Red).

These procedures are displayed on the risk report both in the application and in the subsequent risk email notification.

Risk Threshold Policy Alerts

Specific Risk Factor Alerts

Enforce good safety habits by adding company safety policies set in your SMS to specific risk factors in the assessment.

The reminder will be displayed with the selected risk item on the risk results screen. This feature also allows for a source or reference to be added to inform the pilot as to where the policy was originally defined.

Specific Risk Factor Alerts

Conditional Risk Scenarios

Create risk scenarios that result in special awareness alerts for the PIC and SIC on a flight.

By pairing various risk factors together in the scenario builder, you can trigger a specific procedure alert when an assessment is completed containing the specified risk items.

Conditional Risk Scenarios

Looking to create your FOM and/or SMS?

Our trusted partner, Wilding Air, can provide your flight department with a custom written Flight Operations Manual (FOM) or Safety Management System (SMS) manual, and depending on your needs, can also offer a combined Flight Operations Manual that includes an integrated Safety Management System.

If you hire Wilding Air to create your SMS they will also customize your Preflight Mitigator risk assessment for you, making sure it measures the right risk factors and incorporates the necessary flight operations manual alerts!

Wilding Air provides documentation preparation for FAA issuance of multiple LOAs and/or OpSpecs including A056, B036, B039, B046, C052, C073, D095 & D195.

Their Flight Operations Manual is configured to follow current IS-BAO standards and protocols that are in accordance with ICAO Annex 6, Part II. This follows the ICAO/FAA SMS office framework and includes standard operating procedures. If you are traveling to Canada, Europe (EASA), Africa, Anguilla, Bermuda, Caymans, British Virgin Islands, or Turks & Caicos, you will most likely need to have it!

Wilding Air has many years of combined experience within their staff of aviation related professionals. FOM SMS manuals should contain procedures, instructions and guidance for use by all related company personnel in the execution of their duties (ICAO Annex 6: Operation of Aircraft). Their FOM SMS manuals are IS-BAO current relative the scope of the Operator, and are based on IS-BAO protocols, regulatory changes and industry best practices. They will give you an overview of the formal requirements if your ultimate goal is to become an IS-BAO registered Operator. They will also remove any items that you choose not to incorporate should you chose not to become an IS-BAO registered Operator.

Looking for SMS Development Training?

If your company desires training in the creation of your company’s SMS, Advanced Aircrew Academy offers a comprehensive distance learning platform that brings the experience of professional aviation trainers to your personnel anywhere anytime. The SMS eLearning module is designed as an introduction to, and overview of, the SMS concept and how an SMS can enhance safety in a flight operation. The module is organized around the four core elements of the SMS: Policy, Risk Management, Assurance, and Promotion. This training is appropriate for all flight operations personnel, not just aircrews and the SMS module can be customized to your organization and SMS.