ForeFlight Dispatch

ForeFlight Dispatch

Flight Planning Software

Automate your risk mitigation efforts!

Increase the visibility of risk factors for each scheduled flight and save valuable time by eliminating redundant administrative data entry.

This integration will allow Preflight Mitigator to pull your flight schedule from ForeFlight Dispatch. Risk assessments and pilot assignment notifications will be automatically created and sent out to appropriate pilots for each flight.

Upon completion of the assessment, a PDF risk report will be generated and sent back to Foreflight Dispatch and stored under the Files tab on the flight's detail screen.


  • Preflight Mitigator

    Must have an active account (free trial or subscription) with Preflight Mitigator.

  • ForeFlight Dispatch

    Must have an active account (free trial or subscription) with ForeFlight Dispatch.


ForeFlight Dispatch will be able to:
  • Modify Flights

    Create, delete, and update Flights in Preflight Mitigator

  • Modify Aircraft

    Create and update Aircraft in Preflight Mitigator

  • Modify Pilots

    Create and update Pilots in Preflight Mitigator

Note: Flight data sharing between ForeFlight and Preflight Mitigator is not instantaneous. There may be a few minutes between when a flight is created in ForeFlight Dispatch and when it appears in Preflight Mitigator.

How does it work?

View the explainer infographic below to better understand how the integration works and how it can improve flight safety in your operations.

Integrate Preflight Mitigator Integrate Preflight Mitigator